Fencing Classes: Current  Classes 31/03/2020 - 02/06/2020

Event Location: 315 Chestnut Ave, Kamloops, BC, V2B 1L4

All Class registrations must be done at the City of Kamloops Activity Guide



  • Introductory: Learn fencing, the ancient art of nobility and one of the four original modern Olympic events. Fencing is often referred to as physical chess as it combines the mental challenge of out-thinking your opponent with the agility of martial arts. You will learn basic footwork, attacks, defense, and strategy. 6:30-7:30PM  Cost $60.00 for 10 classes

  • Advanced: In this course, you will focus on using more advanced offensive and defensive strategies as well as compound attacks. There is a stronger emphasis on cardio and endurance. You will be encouraged to purchase your own equipment for this course. Prerequisite: Introduction to Fencing or equivalent. 6:30-8:30 PM Cost $80.00 for 10 Classes

Our classes in the guide have an age minimum of 10 years old. Exceptions can be made (at the discretion of the instructors). For further inquires, please contact one of our coaches here:
All necessary equipment is provided for fencers who sign up for fencing lessons. This includes a jacket, mask, and blade. Students must arrive in athletic pants (eg. sweats, track pants, yoga pants), and wear running shoes (NO skater shoes, or sandals please). Please bring a water bottle as well.